Optimal Outcome – $0.99 in this universe

optimal-outcome-650x1000In this universe, you can pick up a digital copy of Optimal Outcome for only $0.99 for the next 6 days (in alternate worlds, it’s still selling for $2.99).  Get it on Amazon.

1999…Hugh Talbot was on top of the world. A child prodigy, he graduated high school at fifteen, dropped out of UC Berkeley at seventeen, and started an online company poised to make millions…until the dotcom bubble burst.

Fifteen years later, Hugh has sold the company for peanuts, squandered all the money, and struggles to co-parent his estranged fourteen year old daughter. He works as a janitor, but that hasn’t stopped him from holding onto the past, perpetually searching for the Next Big Thing.

Salvation comes in the form of a mysterious phone call. The caller offers Hugh an opportunity he can’t refuse: a top secret project that requires extensive travel, and if he completes the job, he will walk away a millionaire.

Hugh is given a window into the past. He soon realizes that the past comes in many versions, that every decision carries life-altering consequences, and that true love never dies.

But now that he can look into the past, the question is, can he change it?

Once Haunted: A Supernatural Thriller

jwbouchard_oncehaunted_ebookfinalMy new horror novel, Once Haunted, is available today on Amazon.

Aging rock star Stevie Wilde knows about demons. He has been battling them for most of his career. Drugs, alcoholism, sex addiction – you name it, he’s tried it. But his days of selling out stadiums ended a long time ago.

In an effort to thrust himself back into the limelight, Stevie joins a team of paranormal investigators in an attempt to do something that has never been done before: they want to haunt a house that isn’t haunted, and Stevie is the best guy to foot the bill.

A psychic with a secret; a ghost hunter with a cancelled reality show; a skeptical ex-history professor; a wanna-be actor with anger issues; a fame-seeking director…all of them haunted by something from the past.

If the experiment succeeds, it could relaunch Stevie’s flailing career and he might just leave a legacy yet. But first he must exorcise his own demons, because sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

What haunts you?

Hacked – All By Myself

In the span of 5 minutes I managed to wipe out over 4 years of blog posts.  Not bad. I’m like uber efficient…

I consider myself relatively tech savvy, and was recently toying around with the idea of switching WordPress themes seeing as how mine was starting to feel a bit outdated.  Somehow, during the experimentation process, I destroyed it all in one fail swoop.

Don’t ask me how.  I did it.  It’s done.

So I did a fresh install and started over from scratch. Despite technical difficulties, the new site is coming along pretty fast, but I’m still slightly depressed about losing half a decade’s worth of content.

Oh well, I’ve never been particularly prolific when it comes to keeping the website updated.

As you can probably tell, I’ve chosen a decidedly simple theme to replace the old one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much a fan of flashy as the next guy, but something about the simplicity of it caught my attention.  I figured I’d give it a shot.  Who needs all the bells and whistles, right?

I’m trying to view this as a rebirth.  Maybe up my game a little. See if I can manage at least a blog post a month (no need to set the bar too high).

Anyway, it’s late…well past midnight…and my brain’s ready for sleep mode.

On a positive note, I’ll be releasing a new horror novel called Once Haunted next week.

Stay tuned for more details…