“If you are a fan of the strange and paranormal, this may very well be a book for you” – Goodreads Reviewer

The 2nd book in the Supernatural Serial Killer series is out now — All the Silent Voices.

Lindsay Trujillo Returns . . .

After a paranormal encounter on her last case, Special Agent Lindsay Trujillo has placed herself on an extended leave of absence from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as she tries to cope with the events of the past.

But Lindsay knows better than anyone that evil never rests, and now a new serial killer is on the loose, crossing the country while he leaves a trail of bodies in his wake.

To Fight Another Monster . . .

There seems to be no apparent rhyme or reason to the murders, but the killer leaves the same disturbing signature, one too specific to be deemed a coincidence. The UNSUB also collects a unique and interesting trophy from each of his victims.

Lindsay knows if she can determine the why it will lead her to the killer. But these days she has demons of her own to contend with. Demons that have forever altered her perception of reality and left her doubting her abilities as an agent.

Can She Conquer Her Demons . . .

Can she set these issues aside in order to track down a madman? Even more terrifying, Lindsay suspects the more she gets involved with the case, the more likely it will land her smack dab in the center of the supernatural again. 

It’s Christmas, and surely you’ve been a good girl or boy – so why not grab a copy? You deserve it. Get it HERE.

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