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Replaceable: An Alan Lamb Thriller

Book Cover: Replaceable: An Alan Lamb Thriller
Part of the Alan Lamb series:
  • Replaceable: An Alan Lamb Thriller
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 202

Alan Lamb is a special agent for a new federal law enforcement agency called the Genetic Crimes Bureau. The GCB investigates so-called biocrimes; crimes involving the modification of the genetic blueprint, virus tampering, DNA manipulation, unsanctioned human experiments and illegal performance enhancement.

Haunted by a tragic car accident that left him scarred twenty years ago, Alan must race against time to bring down a criminal mastermind who is playing a deadly cat-and-mouse game that would have given Sherlock Holmes a run for his money.

It begins as a series of elaborate bank heists, but they are anything but average run-of-the-mill robberies. The victims in each of the crimes are also the prime suspects and have no recollection of committing the crimes they are accused of.

As the crimes escalate, Alan soon discovers that he may be dealing with something far more sinister than a series of random robberies and terroristic acts. He may have stumbled onto an entirely new and terrifying form of identity theft that could shock the world. And, for Alan Lamb, this might just be personal.