Alone with the Dark

Weird Tales . . .  Derek Hanes has always been lucky. Things always came easy. Maybe too easy. After always getting what he wants, his luck might be about to change when his polar opposite shows up on his doorstep Some people think the world is out to get them, but since the day he was born, that has been Otto's reality. He's been a boy on the run from an entire planet, with only a hired assassin standing between him and the 8 billion people trying to kill him. Salvadore Nash gets paid to find things. But his latest case finds him in possession of a mysterious artifact that has everyone chasing him, including the Catholic church. Worse yet, Nash is working this case pro bono. Bizarre Stories . . .  Time travel exists. The U.S. government is secretly looking for test dummies, and seasoned veteran Frank Edmunds fits the bill. He thought he was retired, but he'd take just about any job, no matter how dangerous, to get his ex-wife out of his head. But is there any distance, any location in the past or future, far enough away to escape a broken heart? A young archaeologist sets out on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth in hopes that its miraculous waters can cure his dying mentor. But sometimes there's a reason why places of power are hidden away from the rest of the world. Sometimes, miracles come with consequences. Strange Worlds . . .  Chad got into computers early. Another case of a nerd starting a dotcom and becoming a billionaire. But after years of being tormented, success isn't enough. He has a different kind of justice in mind. Why get back at a few when you can get revenge on the entire world? A song gets stuck in your head and sends you on a killing spree. Songs like that have existed since the beginning of time. In 2022, there's a new song climbing the charts, and high school senior Mindy Reed and her rich friends are about to hear it during the worst party of their lives. You'll find these and more twisted stories when you spend time Alone with the Dark.




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J.W. Bouchard

ISBN: -13