Bad Toy

Howie Schmidt and Tommy Wilkins met when they were eight-years-old. That was also about the time that Howie fell madly in love with Shelby, Tommy’s twin sister. When Howie first moved to town, Shelby warned him against being friends with Tommy. She told him life would only get worse because Tommy wasn’t one of the popular kids. In fact, he was far from it. He’s been picked-on and bullied his entire life. His father is an alcoholic ex-marine with a short fuse and a violent streak. Despite Shelby’s advice, Howie befriends Tommy. He soon learns that Shelby wasn’t exaggerating. Tommy seems destined to be a human punching bag, bullied at school and abused at home, and Howie is caught in the crossfire. When their classmates begin vanishing without a trace, it doesn’t take long for Howie to realize the missing students are all people that have spent years tormenting Tommy. Who or what is behind the disappearances? Howie knows Tommy isn’t responsible, but he begins to believe there is a more sinister force at work. His best friend may have a dark guardian angel, and as preposterous as it seems, Howie’s prime suspect is one of Tommy’s old stuffed animals. A teddy bear named Quint.





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J.W. Bouchard